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As you consider a presentation of “Ten Boom the Musical” at YOUR church or venue… be sure to read The Director’s Script, listen to The 14 original songs from the musical, and WATCH THE PRESENTATION BELOW (as recently performed by an Iowa church).  ENVISION the heart of Corrie’s story, the powerful implications for our time, and the important outreach it will be to your community…. as performed by your most committed and engaging singers and role players.

First Reformed Church, Orange City, Iowa

August 2016 – Christian stage play, “Ten Boom the Musical,” was presented live at First Reformed Church in Orange City, Iowa by a wonderful sixty-plus member cast and crew, who took on the challenge of this Broadway-sized production in four heart-stirring performances. Our deepest thanks to all our new friends at FRC, and for music director Tom Hydeen’s hard work and encouraging words below:

“Experiencing ten Boom was something beyond what I could have imagined. The strength of the story along with the sensitive and beautiful music made our time with the musical very precious. The response of the public was amazing – 4 free performances, over 2500 in attendance, over $13,000 in free-will donations!  We had prayed the message of the musical would encourage others, but we had no idea how much bonding would be birthed from working together to present this musical!”   …Tom Hydeen, Ten Boom Musical Director, First Reformed Church, Orange City, Iowa.

And now, we hope you’ll enjoy “Ten Boom the Musical”… a stage play in Two Acts…


ACT 1 – Corrie’s True Story Begins

ACT 2 – Watch the Dramatic Conclusion