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ten Boom the Musical
"the Perfect Love story"

Script and music by Susan Meredith Beyer and Donna Marquean Griggs



Ten Boom the Musical is based on the life of Dutch Holocaust survivor, Corrie ten Boom; adapted from her powerful book and subsequent film, "The Hiding Place" written with Elizabeth and John Sherrill (Chosen Books–NY).  A true story of love, hope and triumph that has inspired millions around the world for many years.  Told as never before—Corrie’s story is now set to music, featuring 14 dynamic original songs. 


"WOW! We returned last week from a month in Europe and listened to the "ten Boom" CDs.  Spectacular!  The music is exceptional, and the script is truly remarkable. When you first told me about this project, I wondered, how in the world you could write a musical about Corrie Ten Boom?  Now I know!  Bodacious!!

                    ...Chuck Cooper, host/producer, "It’s A God Thing" Radio,
Palm Desert, CA

(songs from the two-hour production)

ABOUT  "ten Boom, the Musical" Corrie and the ten Boom family lived peaceful, happy lives above their watch shop in Haarlem, Holland (The Netherlands), until 1937—World War 2—when the Nazis invaded their beloved homeland, and life became a dangerous mission to hide more than 800 Jews from certain death. Corrie and other members of her family joined the resistance, and were later arrested and taken to prison, where many of them died. Corrie survived three concentration camps and went on to author many books, as she traveled to more than 60 countries encouraging others that, "No pit is so deep that God’s love is not deeper still." 


ACT 1 – The time: 1937,1945.  Setting: the ten Boom home (combined living room/dining room/watch shop).

The play opens with a dramatic 1:30 second video newsreel, turning to a live, joyous celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the family watch shop.  Soon, anxious talk—of Nazis taking over Holland; Jews and others disappearing, radios being confiscated, growing fears—puts a damper on the festivities, and the days ahead become exciting, if perilous, as Corrie’s family risks their lives hiding Jews in a special,built secret room upstairs, Love, laughter and hope work to cover the ever,lurking threat.  Then betrayal, and Act 1 closes with the family’s dramatic arrest, and the haunting song by Eusie, one of the hidden Jews, "My Hiding Place." 


ACT 2 – Set mainly in prison, Corrie’s cell, Nazi’s office—with flashbacks to Corrie’s younger days (at age 5 with her mother, and at 21 when she lost her first love).  Cruelty, and harsh treatment by a Nazi matron, leads the women in Corrie’s cell to sing the raucous protest song "Fleas."  Soon after, Corrie’s sister Betsie’s health fails, and all women consider the death that waits them also. Corrie befriends a hard,nosed inmate, who joins Corrie in the powerful duet, "Imagine/Perfect Love." As the play comes to a climax, Corrie is taken away, presumably to her death, but is miraculously released instead.


 The play remembers the courage and faith that sustained Corrie and Betsie, bringing light and hope to many in the notorious Ravensbruck concentration camp, where 94,000 women were exterminated by the Nazis.

ten Boom the Musical
"the Perfect Love story"

Features 14 Dynamic Original Songs:
100 Years
These Are My RichesPapa TicksPower to Change the WorldAll the Strength You NeedResurrectionMy Hiding PlaceWhen Love Comes InLet the Child BelieveOld Dry BonesFleasPerfect LoveThe Peace SongImagineplus the classic Hebrew traditional song, Kol Nidrei

"I was moved and honored to hear this musical about "Aunt Corrie." What a great production, and how much love I felt in this musical for her. I am impressed by the amount of work and time you have put into the musical and with great effort. Would like to place a copy [of the dramatized audio CD presentation] in the Corrie ten Boom house and permanent exposition in Haarlem, Holland. Thank you so very much!

…Jan van den Bosch, great,nephew of Corrie ten Boom

(songs from the two-hour production)

Audio Sampler contents (12 minutes)

  • Sound sample of opening Nazi video
  • Brief intro/portrayal of Corrie ten Boom


  • 100 Year Celebration , Company
  • These Are My Riches – Papa ten Boom sings to his daughters
  • Papa Ticks – Corrie’s nephew Peter and Company
  • Power to Change the World – Duet: Otto (young Nazi) & Papa
  • All the Strength You Need – Duet: Corrie & sister Betsie
  • My Hiding Place , Eusie, Jew hiding from Nazis
  • Resurrection – Duet: Eusie & Papa discuss things of faith
  • Old Dry Bones – Women of Barracks 28
  • Let The Child Believe – Duet:  Nazi Captain & Corrie
  • Fleas – Women of Barracks 28
  • Imagine/Perfect Love , Corrie & prisoner Giselle
  • Finale


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